Getting Cheesy at It’s All So Yummy Cafe!

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May 27, 2019

There’s something deliciously simple as ooey-gooey melty cheese crammed between two crisp pieces of toast. We’ve all had it and we’ve never met anyone who doesn’t love it: whether it’s on a rainy day with a bowl of tomato soup or wolfed down late at night with that last Rolling Rock, the grilled cheese is American comfort food at its most basic.

But the beauty of anything simple is that it so easily lends itself to modification. Just ask anyone that’s been to It’s All So Yummy Café. The West Knoxville spot may be tucked away in a strip of stores off of Kingston Pike, but after eight years, it’s no secret.

They added an Oak Ridge location, and expanded their 120 North Peters Road digs, gobbling up their former neighbor, Monster Subs, and expanding their dining room. And in the year we’ve lived in West Knoxville, its grilled cheese varieties and homemade ice cream have made it a favorite stop for some noshing.

Part of the beauty of the grilled cheese is the nostalgic feeling you get biting into one, and scores of restaurants around the country have tried to capitalize on that vibe, specializing in the comfort food. But there’s something about It’s All So Yummy that transcends any trends: authenticity.

The restaurant’s dining room is filled with furniture that would fit perfectly in your grandma’s kitchen, and a sign next to the door reveals "this is a bad place for a diet." This is absolutely true.

Though it serves all kinds of sandwiches, more than a dozen different variations of grilled cheese anchor its menu, from the classic to the exotic. In several visits over the last few years, we've tried many: the Grilled Donut is sweet and decadent with American cheese between a sliced glazed donut while the buffalo chicken is a tangy homage to everyone's favorite wings with melty swiss and pepperjack as well as bleu cheese crumbles.

The pizza grilled cheese is a huge favorite, and the Thai-style sandwich melds Asian flavors with a touch of Americana with pulled chicken, swiss cheese and a spicy sweet sauce.

The cafe also has monthly specials where creativity reigns, and the special for May was a strawberry, cream chese, bacon, and honey. It did not disappoint!

It's always a good idea to save room for dessert and the cafe's home made Hilton Head Ice Cream. The flavors rotate, but their takes on Girl Scout cookies (think Samoas and Thin Mint variations) are a perfect cap to any meal.